Events - March


Tragedy at Brown's Island
March 9 - 10:00am - 4:00pm

Explore the tragic homefront story of the explosion that took place at the CS Laboratory on Brown's Island where young women and girls were working to produce the material of war. FREE, but registration is strongly encouraged. Register here.

A Woman’s War
Sunday, March 17 - 1:00pm
From nurses, workers and spies, these remarkable women not only maintained the homefront, they were instrumental in what happened on the battlefront.  Buy your tickets

Guided Tour: Men of Iron
Saturday, March 23 - 12:00pm
Before, during and after the Civil War, the Tredegar Iron Works was an important industrial complex. In peacetime, it supplied the vast expansion of the railroad industry; in war it produced the largest number of cannon in the Confederacy. On this tour of the grounds, visitors will learn about the manufacturing of iron, the people who worked here, the historic buildings on site and Tredegar owner Joseph Reid Anderson. Buy your tickets

Gallery Tour: Angels on the Battlefield
Sunday, March 24 - 1:00pm
The war saw nursing go from an all male profession to one populated by ladies determined to show their patriotism and aid the thousands of wounded soldiers. Join a costumed interpreter for this interactive gallery tour and examine the accomplishments of women in nursing and medicine during the American Civil War. Buy your tickets

Fire! Rifle Musket Program
Saturday, March 30 - 12:00pm
Learn how a Civil War soldier trained and fought with the rifle musket. Join a costumed historical interpreter for a discussion and demonstration of the primary infantry weapon of the American Civil War. Program includes a blank, black powder firing. Buy your tickets

Gallery Tour: Mr. Pinkerton’s Artifact Investigators!
Sunday, March 31 - 1:00pm
Families with young children tour our gallery with a Center educator, then are provided a trunk to unlock and explore. Reproduction artifacts tell the story of an enslaved woman, a southern student/ soldier, a northern mill worker and a Tredegar iron worker. Working and learning together, figure out what these mysterious objects tell us about everyday life in the Civil War era. Buy your tickets

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