A Dream Deferred

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      The American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar, in partnership with the Moton School Civil Rights Learning Center, invites you to join us next month for A Dream Deferred: The Prince Edward County School Closings.
      In response to the Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. the Board of Education that segregated schools were unconstitutional, the Commonwealth of Virginia began a policy of "Massive Resistance.” When ordered on May 1, 1959, to integrate its schools, Prince Edward County instead closed its entire public school system for five years.
      Join us Thursday, February 21, at 7 p.m. at the American Civil War Center, 500 Tredegar St., to learn more about this extraordinary chapter in Virginia’s struggle for equal rights from those who lived it. Panelists will include Mickie Carrington, Dorothy Holcomb, and Eunice Carwile. All were rising fifth graders when Prince Edward County closed its public schools.
      The discussion will be moderated by Justin Reid, Associate Director for Museum Operations, for the Moton School Civil Rights Learning Center. A National Historic Landmark, the Moton School honors the courage and sacrifice of Prince Edward County, VA, students and families, and their leading role in moving America from segregation toward integration.
      Seating for the free event is limited. Free parking is available on site. Registration is strongly encouraged. Register here.

*Image courtesy of Michael Sullivan.