Board of Directors & Staff

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Phone: 804-649-1861

Christy Coleman

Ext. 140

Waite Rawls
Ext. 130

Gail Anderson
Director of Retail and Visitor Services
Ext. 150

Eric App
Director of Museum Operations
Ext. 135

Stephanie Arduini
Director of Education
Ext. 124

Shelly Berger
Ext. 112

Christie Ann Bieber
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Ext. 134

Josie Bulter
Manager, Education Services
Ext. 203

Dolphine Brooks
Accounting Assistant
Ext. 156

Penelope Carrington
Creative Services Manager 
Ext. 142

John Coski
Ext. 131

Sam Craghead
PR Manager
Ext. 113

Jodi Frederiksen
Collections Manager
Ext. 116

John Gould
Chief Finance Officer
Ext. 155

Kelly Hancock
Manager, Education and Programs
Ext. 121

Robert Hancock
Senior Curator and Director of Collections
Ext. 115

George Harmer
Development Manager
Ext. 145

Rachel Harper
Development Coordinator
Ext. 146

Katrina Hitt
Visitor Service & Merchandise Coordinator
Ext. 152

Cindi Hulse
Director of Human Resources
Ext. 132

Tracy Hynes
Special Events Coordinator
Ext. 148

Sean Kane
Museum Educator
Ext. 123

Randy Klemm
Ext. 117

Ginger LaPrade
Assistant to the President
Ext. 127

Linda Lipscomb
Site Manager
Ext. 204

Lynn Meyer
Chief Development Officer
Ext. 143

Brian Musselwhite

Assistant Manager of Retail and Visitor Services
Ext. 151

Andrew Phinney
Facilities Manager
Ext. 147

Leo Rohr
Marketing Manager
Ext. 141

Patrick Saylor
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Ext. 120

Bob Sayre
Merchandise Coordinator & Lead Visitor Service Associate
Ext. 202

Hilliary Turner
Museum Education Specialist
Ext. 122

Bryce VanStavern
Supervisor, White House Operations
Ext. 111

Teresa Walton
Ext. 133

Madeline Wood
Membership Coordinator
Ext. 161

Cathy Wright
Ext. 114

Board of Directors

Dr. Edward L. Ayers
Richmond, VA

Mr. Dennis I. Belcher
Richmond, VA

Ms. Christy S. Coleman
Richmond, VA

Mr. U. Bertram Ellis Jr.
Atlanta, GA

Mr. Edward M. Farley IV
Richmond, VA

Mr. Robert C. Farmer
Richmond, VA

Mr. Claude P. Foster
Earlysville, VA

Mr. George C. Freeman, III
Richmond, VA

Mr. Bruce C. Gottwald
Richmond, VA

Mr. Bernard Grigsby
Lexington, VA

Dr. Monroe E. Harris
Richmond, VA

Mr. David C. Johnson, Jr.
New York, NY

Mr. Donald E. King
Richmond, VA

Mr. William H. Luke
Richmond, VA

Dr. Robert N. Mayer
Chicago, IL

Dr. Elisabeth Muhlenfeld Wollan
Richmond, VA

Mr. Rosewell Page III
Richmond, VA

Mr. S. Waite Rawls III
Richmond, VA

Mr. Walter S. Robertson, III
Richmond, VA

Mr. O. Randolph Rollins
Richmond, VA

Mr. Sidney Buford Scott
Richmond, VA

Mr. Daniel G. Stoddard
Richmond, VA

Ms. Ruth Streeter
Greenwich, CT

Mr. Brandt Surgner
Richmond, VA

Mr. Matthew G. Thompson, Jr.
Richmond, VA

Mr. Lacy Ward, Jr.
Farmville, VA

Mr. Mario M. White
Midlothian, VA

Mr. Samuel B. Witt III
Richmond, VA